Monday, January 6, 2014

Lacy Dress

After making the modified version of the Angel Pinnafore dress, I wanted to make one more dress for my angel. I ordered some yarn from Pony Store - Nako Pirlanta. I kept drooling over it for days and weeks. Could not decide what to make out of it. Thinking thinking thinking. Didn't want to make one more dress of the same pattern. So finally decided to go with my creative instincts and create a new one based on my own pattern. 

I drew out patterns, tried swatches, and what not. Finally I discovered what I wanted and made this cute lil dress for my angel. Take a look.

Its perfect on her. It looks like a flowing dress with the ruffles at the bottom.

I added two buttons and applied coat to match the dress color. May be reworked on.

My heart skips a beat or two with joy whenever I see her wearing the dress. 

I put on a lighter shade of stockings for her and her attire is complete and elegant. Love it.

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Anonymous said...

This is very pretty :-) Lovely dress