Friday, August 26, 2011

Something New!

Well, I am too excited and eager to share this with you - I have a new Singer Sewing Machine now. Yay! It is white with 10 stitches, zig-zag, and many other accessories as well. I have been waiting to own a sewing machine since years. I always wanted to buy one but the last moment I'll cancel the plan. My mom has a Janome 24 stitch zig-zag machine. I used to try my luck at that. And the urge to buy one for myself here in Bangalore intensified every day. And finally last week, we bought one.

I have kept it on a small table in my bedroom. I haven't taken any pics of it yet :-) I started getting acquainted with this sweet heart by sewing small hair scrunchies and bands. The results are pretty nice. I have even altered a few dresses as well. The altered which I love the most is a top I made from my brother's shirt :-) Now I have a lot of ideas running in my head. My crochet hooks and stuff are badly being avoided after the white lady has come in. But I guess I need to concentrate more on sewing now because I am really bad at it. Nowadays I keep practicing and practicing. But space is an issue now. We do have a spare room. But I don't prefer to go and sit there and stitch all alone. I am still thinking on how to create a small and interesting sewing corner. Suggestions are welcome :-) I have been browsing the web also. I am seeing some really beautiful ideas as well. Well, will keep you posted.

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