Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Grannies!

Granny Squares have actually become a sort of addiction to me. Whenever I pick up a fresh yarn and try to think something creative, the Granny pops up. And most often I give in to the Granny ideas. My recent crochet project is a table cover for a rectangular coffee table at my home in Kerala. My mom was planning to buy a table cover for it when I thought why not put in some effort with my hands and the needle.

Like always, I kept on thinking for days for a pattern. I found many on the web. Some were really interesting ones. But finally Grannies won the competition. Next was the colour part. We went shopping one day and both my mom and myself, we chose two colours for this table cover. As soon as we reached back, I was immersed in the process of rolling the skeins and keeping them arranged. It was a tedious process! And finally I made the first Granny for the project. You wanna see it? Here it is.

I was really thrilled when I made this first square. I kept on doing the same thing day and night. As soon as I reach home, I start my hooky business with the red and black yarns. The first three rounds were what excited me the most. I loved the red and black alternating rounds. I longed to make flowers out of it but resisted the temptation as I had to complete this. And I was a bit tensed too. Because this was my first BIG project. The squares piled up over some period of time.
When I made 44 of these Granny Squares, I started joining them together. You know something... I was sitting and crocheting in the car during our travel down to Kerala. It was raining and was cool inside. The pattering sound of the rain drops on the metal and glass was awesome while crocheting. Except for the occassional humps and steep curves, crocheting while traveling was really a pleasure filled one. And by the time I reached, I had joined the most of them.
When the whole thing was joined and blocked out, it looked like this.

If you have noticed, I did some edging as well to it.

I did one more round of the black edging and ran out of thread :-( I ll post the completed image when I buy more thread and finish it off finally to adorn the table.

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