Thursday, October 30, 2014

Back with Pom Poms

It has been a very very long gap. I am not sure if I would contribute frequently going forward also - because Crafting is taking a very back seat in my life now. Even though I do some knick knacks now and then, who gets the time for photographs. And what is a craft post without some nice cute pics. 

This post also would not have any pics... but I am just letting you know... I am now making some pom poms. WHY? I have lots of yarn which I would not use for any other projects and making pom poms does not require me to keep track of stitches or be very keen. 

I am planning to make a small plush rug. Hopefully I will be done in a few days (weeks) time. I often see my pom poms rolling on the floor, being thrown up in the air, and being spread around by the lil one at home :-)

And btw, I used my Big Pink Blanket for the first time ever. It is huge and cozy. The three of us snuggled to the warmth under it and I kept clinging to it all night. And it looks lovely when laid out on the bed. Hopefully I can take a picture and post soon.

See you soon!

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