Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have been busy crafting and crocheting over the past few weeks. But I still have no end results to post here yet.

I have been trying to progress earnestly on my Big Pink Blanket. It was actually progressing well when I ran out of the pink yarn. So had to keep it aside till I went and bought new yarn.

In the meantime, I started with a small project - crocheted table cloth for our small centre table in the living room. As usual, I am creating Granny Squares for this as it the easiest and quickest type to complete a project soon. I am progressing on this project.

Apart from these, I have another new project. Something of the kind I have never done before. We had printed out some of our photographs and want to put them up on the walls. We didn't want to go with the store made photoframes. Instead, wanted to add a personal touch to it. So hubby has bought me the required materials and even given suggestions as well. I am also reusing some of the stuff available at home for the purpose. I am making photoframes for the photographs now. It is a bit of a tedious job actually - measuring, cutting, pasting, pressing, allowing to dry, and afterall the bits and pieces of mess on the floor. But it is really INTERESTING. So far, I have completed to frames.

Hopefully within few days I will be able to post a picture with the wall full of our photos here :-)

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